If you are getting an error something like this:
“SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception thrown in one of the service methods of the servlet: /jsp/custinfo/CustomerInfoView.jsp. Exception thrown : javax.servlet.ServletException: Duplicate component ID ‘viewns_7_63MG8B1A00CNB0IILUHGC33082_:form1:_id18’ found in view.”

This error related with JSF :
WebSphere Application Server’s JSF implementation generates new
client IDs for some JSF components on a post back. These new
IDs can collide with the cached client IDs when the order of
the components change, or a new component requests an ID that
did not do so in the previous request.

Work around to fix this issue:

To prevent collision with existing client IDs, the
com.ibm.ws.jsf.storeDynamicClientIds property must be set to
“true” in the web.xml file.

com.ibm.ws.jsf.storeDynamicClientIds true

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