If you have a ldap seach problem with user whose names contain non-ASCII character,such as Turkish or Cyrillic characters like this error:

[1/26/10 18:59:56:592 EET] 000000b6 WMM Trace Log 1 com.ibm.ws.wmm.ldap.LdapRepositoryImpl Attributes getAttributes(String name, String[] attrIds) The following exception was logged com.ibm.websphere.wmm.exception.MemberNotFoundException: LDAP DN “cn=ipek sari,ou=xxx,o=xx” is not found.

This is caused during the authentication process, Webspher Portal binds with the DN of the user against the Domino LDAP server version Lotus Domino 8.0.x , using the DN converted to lower case. If the LDAP server is unable to resolve the lower case DN, then the bind fails and the user fails to authenticate.

We have fixed this problem with;

1.) Open the names.nsf in Notes Designer Client
2.) Locate the $LDAPRDNHier view
3.) Right click on the view and select “Design properties”
4.) On the third tab select “Unicode standard sorting” and close the design properties
5.) On the Domino server console run “updall -R -T $LDAPRDNHier names.nsf” to rebuild the view

I would also suggest restarting the Domino server after the change to ensure it is implemented.

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