1- Change owner for Websphere Application root directory with spcified user and group.
chown -R was1:wasgroup /opt/WebSphere/AppServer

2- Change file permissions as the root user
chmod -R g+wr AppServer
Note: When you use the chown command to change the owner of JSPs that are already complied and reside in the temp directory, the CPU does not have to continuously recompile these JSP. If you do not issue this command, you should delete the application temp directory to lower CPU usage.

3- Specify user and group values for the Runas User and Runas Group setiings for a server
Go Process execution page of the administrative console

You must define properties in the following table. Click Servers > Application Servers > server1 > Process Definition > Process Execution and change all of the following values:Property Value
Run As User wasadm
Run As Group wasgrp

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