Since Websphere Portal 6.1 we can use friendly URL on my pages. Page Properties portlet provides an additional field which specifies the URL suffix which will be appended to portal URL:

The service is disabled by default. To enable it:

  • log in to WebSphere Application Server console
  • navigate to Resources -> Resource Environment -> Resource Environment Providers
  • click WP ConfigService on the  providers list
  • click Custom properties under Additional properties section
  • add new property called friendly.enabled and set it to true
  • save changes
  • restart server
  • You can confirm that my friendly URL works when you navigate to the following URL:


    Another confusing thing related to friendly URLs is that a path must reflect pages hierarchy. The above example works only when My Page is placed below Content Root. In order to place the page under Home, a friendly URL for Home label must be also created (for example: home) and then the path to My Page would be:


    Note: I guess there is a bug . If you use friendly URL label name’s first chracter with uppercase like “Home”   for Home page  You can getting endless loop error when calling page.

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