The F-Pattern

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Heat maps of how people look at websites 

The F-Pattern is how most people read Web pages, in the shape of an F: after looking at any interesting pictures, their eyes go quickly across the top of the page, then move down a bit and go part ways across the page and then move slowly down the left side. 

Ten seconds is all it takes for most to make a decision of whether to stay or go. And that decision is based on what they saw in the F. That is why Google calls the upper left-hand part of the page the golden triangle. It is the only part of the page that most will ever look at or read closely. It is there that you make your main points and gain their attention. 

The F-pattern has been proved by eye-tracking studies done on hundreds of people looking at thousands of different websites. Not everyone looks at every website that way, but it is how most people look at most websites. Even those not designed for an F-pattern. 
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