1- Create a group (ihsgrp) and a user (ihsadm) for the IHS (IBM Http Server)

2- Change owner for IHS
chown –R ihsadm:ihsgrp /opt/IBMIHS61

3- Edit the httpd.conf file so that the web server runs with the user ihsadm and the group ihsgrp
User ihsadmin
Group ihsgrp

4- Edit visudo to add belowed line for linux:
wasadm ALL=NOPASSWD: /opt/IBMIHS60/bin/apachectl -k start -f /opt/IBMIHS60/conf/httpd.conf, /opt/IBMIHS60/bin/apachectl -k stop -f /opt/IBMIHS60/conf/httpd.conf

5- Create run.sh file in IHS/bind directory and add this command:
/usr/bin/sudo /opt/IBMIHS61/bin/apachectl “$@”

6- Change owner for run.sh so wasadm user can execute
chown wasadm:wasgrp run.sh

7- Change startCommand and stopCommand parameter values:
Go webserver properties page of the admin console
Web servers > TWSWKI0101TR > Process Definition

startCommand : ${WEB_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin/run.sh
stopCommand : ${WEB_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin/run.sh

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