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1) Stop WAS.

2) Reboot the server. If the system has been up for a long time it might not be possible to get a contiguous section of memory to allocate the large pages in. You will see this because if you run the sysctl command below it will fail to work. So it is recommended but not critical that the first step is to reboot the server.

3) Run the command:

echo 1536 >  / proc / sys / vm / nr_hugepages

Where 1536 denotes the number of 2MB large pages required, in this case 3GB worth. This setting will not be permanent so you will have to add this to the boot options for the server (/ etc / init.d / boot.local or equivalent).

4) Run more / proc / meminfo and check that it looks something like this at the bottom of the output:

HugePages_Total: 1536

HugePages_Free: 1536

Hugepagesize: 2048kB

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