When you logon to the TEPS, if you get “invalid username or password” message on client and  decrypt error on TEMS log although you provide correct user and password, you should add following parameter.

Edit the kfwenf file, for Windows,install_dir\CNPS (where install_dir is C:\IBM\ITM by default) using a text editor.

  1. On Linux/UNIX, you must edit the <ITM Home>/<OS Specific Folder>/cq/bin/<OS name>env file. (For example, on AIX for System /opt/tivoli/omegamon/ITM/aix536/cq/bin/lnxenv ). The following steps are the same.
  2. On a line by itself, enter the following text:
  3. Save the file and exit.
  4. Stop the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server, if it is running, and start it again.


TEMS log:

014.157 11:33:02.23 (0000-CD8955E3:kglcry.c,3499,ÜCRY_DecryptÜ) Function failed

014.157 11:33:02.23 KDSPA003   Logon validation did not complete – system error

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